Beck Re-connected!

At the end of September 2019 the new channel was connected to the beck by the removal of the bunds upstream and downstream of the weir.  Silt control measures were also deployed to reduce the impact on the main beck. The leat will still be supplied from the beck so at the upstream junction work has taken place to ensure the flow is maintained to neighbouring parties.

The weir has also been sympathetically restored, which should also help with improved water flow along the leat. A fish screen and eel bristle boards added as well.  We also carried out a session of electrofishing to rescue fish and eels from the leat, releasing them safely to the main beck.


The new channel is looking amazing, long buried gravels are clearly visible and the water is settling itself out.

Around 70 trees will be planted this coming winter to enhance the area and increase biodiversity, whilst the beck and flows will be monitored closely over the next few months.

Just a couple of weeks after the connection day, a group of students from the University of Cumbria visited the site to look at the work undertaken. As part of the trip they carried out a riverfly survey and the results showed a good number and range of freshwater invertebrates, taking into account the newness of the channel.